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Convenient, Effective, and Affordable Tattoo Removal

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Free Consultations

During your free consultation, Dr. Powell will discuss your personalized tattoo removal solutions based on your tattoo size, ink type, ink depth, and other factors.

Convenient & Affordable

Ink Away MD has the experience and equipment necessary to perform laser tattoo removal services on all colors and skin types. Discounts and financing are available.

Latest Technology

With modern day laser technology, tattoos are no longer permanent! The Cynosure Revlite SI can break down and remove your tattoo ink safely and naturally, with minimal discomfort.


Stop Hiding a Mistake. Get a Clean Slate!

Regret that tattoo? We all have past experiences in our life that we would like to erase. While you may just have to live with certain things, luckily, you don’t have to live with an unwanted tattoo! Whether it is an ex’s name, change in taste, or a drunken mistake, there are ways to get rid of your old tattoo, either partially or fully.

For a long time, tattoo removal was possible, but painful, expensive, and potentially damaging. With new photoacoustic laser technology, however, we can successfully perform a full, non-invasive removal of old, unwanted tattoos in 6 to 15 sessions . The high-intensity, pulsating laser energy breaks down the tattoo ink into small particles so that they can naturally be absorbed by the body and released naturally.

No longer will you have to consider such dangerous options as dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgical removal, or scarification. Our photoacoustic technology by Cynosure RevLite S is the gold standard in laser tattoo removal. This high-tech system is faster and safer than other methods and can successfully treat a wide range of tattoo pigments on all skin types.

With regular visits, the experts at Ink Away MD can get rid of your tattoo properly and evenly, without scarring and minimal discomfort. Let your regret and tattoo fade away together.

At Ink Away MD, our mission is to provide the most convenient, effective, and affordable laser tattoo removal services in Dallas. Give us a call today for your FREE consultation. Dr. Powell will tell you what to expect during treatments and how many sessions are necessary for your tattoo removal goals.

Call us for a free consultation!